US – North Korea Relation DETERIORATING Fast After Joe Biden took Office

White House president said on Friday that the US President plan to weed the approach of the two most pass leaders they were Donald Trump and Barack Obama to stop North Korea nuclear program rejecting both Donald Trump’s deeply personal effects to win over Kim Jong-un and Barack Obama more Handoff approach.

 President Biden

The president Biden said it like his old was Barack Obama has confirmed that is not Korea is a place of the most dedicated foreign policy United state and its alliances but the commander suggested to distract from the obamas dual policy as the policy is now old and to keep engagement of the open for the good behaviour while seeking the impose sanctions for the bad behaviour.

Secretary of us

The secretary of the US administration or not given a detailed information of the view but suggested the administration to see the middle ground of Donald Trump and Barack Obama static patience approach.

In January when the election had been taken place in Biden took over the officer engine very he consulted his other experts and alliances the procedure from several previous administration as a part of the process.

Psaki the secretary of the administration said that” their policy will not focus on achieving the Grand bargain nor it rely on strategic patience she said”.

Bite in administration has that directly that their setting the empty nuclearisation step by the North Korea would be made with the corresponding action including the cention relief from the US.

The administration had made it clear that if the Korea has not all out the step of denuclearization then the US will stop all the other facilities also apart from The Other goods and services they will stop everything both import and export with Korean.

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