People are Angry with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Over “America is NOT Racist Statement”

JOE BIDEN, on his first address to the Congress on 28 April 2021 stated that  Hear me all ” AMERICA IS NOT RACIST” as a counter punch Black Republican Senator TIM SCOTT had delivered a rebuttal saying that President has failed to keep his promise and pulling the country apart.

Kamala Harris on the statement “regarding America is Not Racist” 

After Biden’s address to the congress, Harris had agreed with this statement by the president himself. As question asked by the George STEPHANOPOULOS , ABC Good Morning show host to Harris with regard to the previous statement by TIM ” Discrimination with different types of discrimination”

Kamala, had replied positively saying she wouldn’t believe that America is a racist country at all , but truth must be spoken there were certain tragic incidents  and history of racism in the country. On this occasion, kamala has praised Biden , for him having capability and courage to speak up the truth.

Not just the racism also the issue of domestic terrorism, manifested by the white Supremacists has been threatening the nation and not the Biden’s administration is keen on eradicating the roots of terrorism.

she stated that Biden is absolutely best leader and has been outstanding , as we all are people of one nation and we share so much in common than what separates us.

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