James Charles Accused of ‘Grooming’ Kids and Fans, Again, Goes to Shows Youtube’s Promoting Pedophilic Content

As we know James Charles one of the most famous YouTuber that was accused of grooming kids and fans. The pedophile uploaded the video to Twitter, which contained an abridged image of James Charles, allegedly sent to the person by a celebrity. James Charles (James Charles) is a famous Internet star, he pushed him away, accused him of pedophilia, and worried about the birth of the Internet. The video was shot by Twitter in violation of community guidelines but triggered the creation of an online store.

James Charles Accused of Grooming Kids and Fans, Again, Goes to Shows Youtube’s Promoting Pedophilic.

After James Charles was accused of leaving, he issued a statement saying that he did not know that the person involved was a minor, and continued to inquire about the person’s age and answered that the person’s age was 18. Alt. After that, James began to flirt with the man.

Later, when James Charles became suspicious of this man, he asked his age and answered that he was 16 years old. James Charles later flirted and apologized to the man and said that he was uncomfortable talking to them. James Charles made the groomed that he had dealings with his underage fans.

James Charles Accused of 'Grooming' Kids and Fans, Again, Goes to Shows Youtube's Promoting Pedophilic Content

In the past weeks, there have been several similar allegations against James, most of which were Tiktok viral videos posted by children, claiming that they had sex allegations against them. James brands that joined Charles previously are under increasing pressure to keep their distance from Charles. Followers point to a cosmetics company, Morphe, a cosmetics company that Charles has been in close contact with since he launched his very successful eyeshadow line in November 2018.

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Now, more and more pressures require brands that previously joined Charles to speak up and keep their distance from him. The follower refers to morph, a cosmetics company that has been in close contact with Charles since the launch of its high-end eye shadow series. Since then, Morph has collaborated with Charles to release a mini version of the palette and two sets of brushes.


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