Go Pro Hero10 Price, Specs and Latest Update [2021]

GoPro’s latest camera GoPro 9 was released in September 2020. The time has already come to talk about what next, what technology or updates would the next version have when it is released. GoPro always attracts attention and popularity with the new releases. It is used by photographers, vloggers, sports enthusiasts, and travelers.  Therefore everyone is interested in the latest updates about the yet to be announced version.

Release Date:

GoPro always releases the new product around September or October according to the previous data. Therefore we can expect the new release to be in September 2021, if they stick to the same release schedule.


As nothing is confirmed yet we can make some speculations about what the latest version may include and come up with.

The camera features: Users hope that the new product comes with a better resolution. The resolution has not gone much change in the last few products. Hence, this product could change and give better results. GoPro brought the new Max Lens Mod which allows ultra-wide picture with 155º field-of-view and image stabilization up to 2.7K resolution. The new version of GoPro may update the video capability to 4K video at 120fps, as well as Full HD at 480fps.

Go Pro Hero10 Price, Specs and Latest Update [ 2021 ]

Technology: As many products are coming up with wireless charging options, users hope to see this feature in GoPro 10 as well. It would be convenient and better. Multi-cam functions would make videos easier by capturing different camera angle with sync. Better technology to capture photos at night and maintain the usual quality. A new low light feature can be expected.

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Accessories and Model: GoPro accessories for better functioning should come with more different products. The GoPro model should come with a range for the new product. With more new different models it could be a great hit. Adding to it, the new product may come in different size and appearance than the earlier ones, a detachable screen could also be expected.


The expected price could be around $600 but some offers providing discount due to any festival or seasons could be available for the public.

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