Teen Mom 2 star THREATENING Baby Girl for KILLING Chickens

Teen fans are utterly upset with former Teen Mom 2, star David Eason. Eason reportedly threatened his 4-year-old daughter to smack her after she accused him of killing baby chicks. The four-year-old received the violent warning during a live video on TikTok on April 28. In the video, the former MTV star is showing around his family’s chicken coop along with his daughter.

When he was filming in their chicken coop, his daughter Ensley asked her father not to kill any baby chicks. Ensley’s question infuriated David, and later he threatened to hit his 4-year-old daughter. David also denied his daughter’s accusations that he has been killing chickens. Ensley first asked her dad not to kill chickens and told him that she would be mad if he does.


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David then replied with ‘what’ and his daughter responded by repeating what she said earlier. The former MTV star then asked what she was talking about. He further told Ensley that she had lost her mind. The 4-year-old then triple down and reveals that David had killed a baby chick the day before. David denied the killing, to which Ensley kept on reminding multiple times.

Before the live stream ended, David threatened her daughter that he would smack her in the mouth. The video has been shared multiples times on the internet and can be found in several Teen Mom fan accounts.

David has a history of animal abuse!

This isn’t the first time Eason has come under scrutiny for killing animals. Eason previously shot and killed their family’s French bulldog, Nugget. Janelle Evans, Eason’s wife and also Teen Mom star, told the US Weekly that her husband took their dog two acres away from their house and shot the dog. Eason said that he had to kill their dog because the dog snapped then 2-year-old Ensley.

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This resulted in the couple being removed from the Teen Mom 2. Also, their children were temporarily removed from the couple’s custody. The child protective services also investigated the couple following the incident. However, the children returned to their home before the fourth of July. Eason defended the killing of the dog by claiming that the dog was aggressive and his daughter’s safety was in danger.




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