Reporter Forced To Write False Stories Showing Kamala Harris Help Immigrants Kids.

Laura Italiano long time reporter of the New York Post resigned from her job recently after she was forced to write a report that claimed to be false. The report was about Vice- President Kamala Harris and the help she rendered on the immigrant kids.

Who is Laura Italiano And Why Laura Italiano Resigned From Her Job? 

Rupert Murdoch who owns the newspaper made Italiano to write the report which got published on the front page of the New York Post. Italiano tweeted announcing that she has resigned the job further she wrote the reason about what made her to do so.

“The Kamala Harris story — an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against– was my breaking point.”

Further she expressed her gratitude towards the staff and the newspaper saying –

” It’s been a privilege to cover the city of New York for it’s liveliest, wittiest tabloid- a paper filled with reporters and editors I admire deeply and holds as friends. I’m sad to leave.”

In late March this year kamala Harris was appointed by the President Joe Biden to look in to the matter of migrant kids at the US – Mexico border. The original article which Italiano was made to write was soon edited by the team and a whole new article was published rectifying their previous mistake and a honest and true report with all the proofs too was given along with the article.

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The original article read “kam on in, unaccompanied migrant kids brought from the U.S. – Mexico border to a new shelter in Long Beach, were given a copy of the book ‘ superheroes are Everywhere’ in ‘Welcome kits’ that were given to them. This post was accompanied by an editor’s note which says

“The original  version of the article said migrants kids were getting Harris’ book in a welcome kit, but has been updated to note that only one known copy of the book was given to a child.”

Washington Post that confirmed the entire story to be false after checking all the facts related to the matter. The book which was given to the child was not donated by Vice – President but by residents of Long Beach. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden has nothing to say on this matter but the opposition is criticizing Kamala Harris for taxpayers’ money for the project.

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