COVID-19 Vaccine’s Side Effects on Pregnant Women: Here’s What You Need to Know before Vaccination

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives upside down. Living a normal life outdoor is next to impossible with maintaining the protocols. Travelling, outdoor activities, work, education system and human contact everything is facing a huge downfall. In these dying times, the Covid-19 vaccines have provided the people with a sigh of relief and ray of hope.

But is it safe for expecting mothers or women looking forward to future pregnancy?

Many questions regarding the risk factors and the benefits of the vaccine for pregnant women are arising. As it is observed that the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) and American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) are saying that the vaccines should be offered to pregnant women.

How Covid-19 effects Pregnant Women?

Firstly, the women who are pregnant require a higher level of care, thus, coherently at higher risk for being hospitalized for the care. They might require breathing support mechanically and have higher risks of dying due to being affected by the virus. Pregnant women are at a greater risk than non-pregnant women.

It not only affects the mother but also increases the risk for premature birth especially for those who have severe illness. But so far, birth defects associated with Covid-19 are not proved. Transmission of the virus form the mother to the bay is possible but it’s very rare.

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Safety of vaccines for pregnant women

The CDC has been tracking more than 30,000 vaccine recipients who were pregnant. As reported, most of the women who were pregnant while taking the vaccine have provided with a detailed report of symptoms after vaccination. As of now pregnant women have the same side effects of the vaccine as non-pregnant people. Along with that there are no reported miscarriages, stillbirths or preterm for vaccinated pregnant women.

Points to be noted:

  • Animal test show that vaccines did not affect fertility or cause problems with pregnancy.
  • The immunity that a pregnant individual gets form the vaccine can cross the placenta and help keep the baby safe.
  • The vaccine doesn’t contain any virus.

The one and only possible side effect of the vaccine is fever for a day day or two after vaccination.

Things to consider if you are pregnant

  • If you happen to have an additional risk factor for severe complications from Covid-19 like high blood pressure or sugar then get vaccinated as soon as vaccine are available.
  • If pregnancy is the only risk factor with no additional risk the wait until giving birth. Maintain the covid protocol of washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing.
  • People with common risk factor or uncontrolled exposure to miscarriages then you are suggested to wait until the second trimester to get vaccinated.

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