China Hits Trump for Making Americans Pay ‘High Price’ in COVID-19 Pandemic

The war of words between China and US are known to every people of the world. Recently, on Friday, China again accused US’s former president Donald Trump action on creating difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the whole story here.

China’s Response

The 1st COVID-19 case was found in China. Naturally, whenever the topic of COVID come, countries will blame China. US accused China on using create information warfare using pandemic. In reply, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin accused back US. This game will never end. According to Wenbin: “As the world’s No.1 superpower, the U.S has done so much damage to the international anti-epidemic cooperation, which has made the American people and many more in the World pay a heavy price.”

China Hits Trump for Making Americans Pay ‘High Price’ in COVID-19 Pandemic

Wenbin is mostly criticizing former US president Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic. Trump did got heavily criticized for reopening the country amid hugh COVID rate, for not wearing mask or following COVID protocols in gatherings. He even strolled without mask after getting released from hospital just after overcoming Corona.

US’s Criticism on China

US Defense Intelligence Agency Director Scott Barrier first accused China and Russia as if they took advantage of global pandemic. Barrier stated: “China and Russia are using COVID-19 circumstances to conduct information warfare aimed at undermining Western Governments, attacking coalition and compelling economic and political outcomes in their favor.” Barrier was testifying before the Senate Armed Services on Thursday. He also used phrases like ‘evolving threat’ and ‘major implications’ while describing his point of view.

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China Hits Trump for Making Americans Pay ‘High Price’ in COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid all this crisis world’s top counties are concerned that China and Russia might built an alliance. And that could become a big threat to all the Western countries. China and Russia are focusing on making their armed forces most strong. Feeling that, US is also provoked to build a stronger armed force. However the ongoing tension between the countries is not peeping out yet. Meanwhile Russian President Vladimir Putin teased in October 2020, that China and Russia’s military alliance is ‘quite possible’.

On the other hand China is not directly declining these possibilities or US allegations. Wang Wenbin mostly discussed about COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on Friday’s press briefing. He mentioned Coronavirus to be the “common enemy of all mankind”.

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