Donald Trump Cannot RUN from Court, Will Have to Testify in Capitol Hill Protest Lawsuit

Not being the President anymore turned out to be a huge weakness for Donald Trump. After almost 6 years Donald Trump faces consequences for 2015 protests outside Trump Tower. Denial for testifying in protestor’s lawsuit is no more an option for the former President; since he is no longer in the office appeals the court. As he is no longer the President his appeal for not testifying has failed tremendously.

What Happened in 2015?

In 2015 September a huge number of protestors scuffled in form of Trump Tower, the protestors rallied their way to Tower. It was a demonstration against remarks made by Donald Trump. As reported, Trump had made some unacceptable remarks about Mexican immigrants.  The demonstration was part of the Black Lives Matter movement against the words he spoke.

Donald Trump Cannot RUN from Court, will Have to Testify in Capitol Hill Protest Lawsuit

It so happened that Trump had launched his White House bid in the lobby of Trump Tower. This had happened 3 months earlier than the demonstration. In his speech the then President Donald Trump said decrying the influx of Mexican “rapists” and drug smugglers into the U.S.

As the demonstration continued the protestors were allegedly assaulted by the guards of former President Donald Trump as claimed by the protestors. After which the matter was dragged to the court, claiming justice.

Testifying for the Protestor’s Lawsuit.

On Tuesday Appellate Division, First Department threw out the challenge claimed by Trump, saying that the argument which shielded him is now debatable as he is no longer the President.

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As soon as the matter was dragged to the court, a state court judge in the Bronx had given the order to question Trump. This matter took place in 2019 and it so happened that the court had ordered Trump to answer questions under oath regarding the allegations made by him against Mexican immigrants.

At that time being the President and holding the Presidential office Donald Trump claimed that shouldn’t be made to testify while he is in office. He argued that being a President he is not answerable to the questions and cannot be compelled to testify. At this point in time, the matter is moot and is facing consequences. Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s lawyer didn’t have any immediate comments on the decision.

Donald Trump had managed to stall quite a few lawsuits that were against him while he was the President. Currently, the tables have turned for him and he is facing consequences another way round as he is no longer the President and is forced to testify a number of them.

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