COVID Vaccinated People Getting Reinfected after Taking Vaccine, New Report Finds

The world was no – doubt at a breaking point last year due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic. Without any means, the healthcare system was struggling. But, after the grim period of misery, hope finally arrived in form of vaccines in late 2020. As a result, countries scrambled for vaccine supplies to get better of the pandemic.

A doctor at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center receives a COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccines to Beat the Pandemic

After working for days and nights researchers succeeded to bring out the vaccines without cutting corners on security. The vaccines ranged from mRNA vaccines, viral vector vaccines, and attenuated virus vaccines. These vaccines were cleared to control the pandemic. With huge demand, they are proving effective in saving lives.

The demand for vaccines is so high that producers are failing to meet the demands. Countries are suing manufacturers for not being able to deliver shots on time. Governments all over the world are working round the clock to sources the precious shots to normality.

COVID Vaccinated People Getting Reinfected after Taking Vaccine, New Report Finds

Evidence of Reinfection

Vaccines came as a relief for the world. The world is scrambling for resources to get its dose of vaccine. But evidence suggests people are still getting infected after taking the full dose of vaccines. The cases of reinfection are still rare but are a shocker for the world which thought it was a silver bullet out of pandemic.

Many health care professionals are getting re-infected with COVID -19 virus. They still continue to vouch for the vaccines. To the common folks, this may seem surprising, but their claims are based on hard data.


Vaccine Do Help

The main argument favoring the continuation of vaccination is based on science. It should be noted that scientists and vaccine manufacturers never claimed against re-infection. They reiterate that vaccines do work to prevents critical illness from Covid-19.

While studies suggest that chances are very low for breakthrough cases but are very much possible, even with highly effective vaccines. The current data suggest that that one may still get the infection after the vaccination, but he or she will be asymptomatic or it will be a mild illness.

In short, these vaccines do guarantee you a safe life even after re-infection. The symptoms will be mild and the shots will definitely save you from the next trip to the hospital. So, it’s better to queue up and get vaccinated when your turn comes.

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