China Using COVID Aid to India as LEVERAGE Against Anti American Policies

Firstly, it was speculated that China is responsible for the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19. There were several reports like the  February 15 exposé by AP News claiming that China took a “leading role” in spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19.

And now when the scenario is devastating, the Chinese Government is lending hands to counter the allegations against them. For that, they have focused on India.

In the past few months, in India, the number of Covid cases has been increasing at a huge rate. At this crucial time, many countries have come forward to help India. Like that, China too is on the list. They have decided to provide Covid Aid in order to help out the citizens of India.

Is It a Leverage Against Anti-American Policies?

Apparently, China does not maintain good terms with America. They have propagated Anti-American policies through media and pointed out their failures in controlling this pandemic.

In this scenario, China sees an opportunity to provide aid and restructure its image in front of them. Besides, India, China has supplied aid in many countries like Sri Lanka, Iraq, western American, and few other African countries. With this, China promotes the message of solidarity and cooperation.

China Using COVID Aid to India as LEVERAGE Against Anti American Policies
China Using COVID Aid to India as LEVERAGE Against Anti American Policies

Certainly, trying to be the helping hand or the savior in this crucial time. In a way, showing the Chinese Government superior to America.

Notable experts see it as a strategy to wash the brains of the people in terms of geopolitical power.

On the other hand, the American Government is clueless about how to control this pandemic and save the people. China is using the situation in its favor, replacing America as the global leader of all times.

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In a way, this can be said China is framing a game and this time the gameplay is in its favor. Hardly, any country can counter this aid. Now they are providing aid to India as well as other countries. However, this cannot be considered as mere help, its like a credit. Later, they will ask something else in return. And countries like India, Iran, many more will be bound to return their favor.

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