Pfizer Vaccine Reporting SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS and People are Freaking Out

The coronavirus pandemic that started over a year is not slowing down in any way possible. Some countries have even suffered Covid-19 second wave and cities are devastated with the deadly spread. To fight against the virus, several countries have started rolling out vaccination shots to the people. Top pharmaceuticals companies like Pfizer and Moderna has discovered the vaccination to combat sickening coronavirus.

There are currently three vaccinations rolling out across the United States — Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. People were always worried about the side effects of these vaccinations. The latest report suggest that one of the major vaccines, Pfizer vaccine is reportedly leading to major side effects. People are scared to roll their sleeves and get a jab, following the reports of side effects.

Multiple researchers studied the vaccine and prepared a report, which includes potential side effects after getting the Pfizer vaccine shots. At first, researchers thought the vaccine hesitancy is causing a major hindrance in the country’s fight against the deadly virus. Now, a new report shows that people are freaking out due to the horrible side effects caused by vaccines, including Pfizer.

What are the serious side effects of the vaccine?

While some people may not receive any side effects after getting the shots, but most people certainly do. A new report showed that the number of people who took Pfizer vaccine shot reported more side effects in comparison to those who took other vaccine shots. Most of the people are having systematic side effects following their first dose of coronavirus vaccine shot.

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The report also suggested that there is more serious side effects after getting second vaccine shot. This has resulted in the majority of people skipping their second shot. The number of people having side effects after the second shot is very high in comparison to the first shot. Dr. Bill Moss from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health told that the second shot is a booster dose and people shouldn’t miss it.

The body will react violently if you take the second dose of Pfizer vaccine. Health officials, however, reported that it is natural since the first dose had been creating antibodies around your body to combat coronavirus. Fatigue, fever, headache, sore arm, and allergies are the side effects that a person can experience. Women and younger people are more likely to experience side effects after getting Pfizer’s vaccine.

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