Tokyo Revengers Episode 4: Release Date, Time and Watch Online

The new anime series ‘Tokyo Revengers’ developed from a Japanese manga series. It is a shounen science fiction action anime show illustrated by Ken Wakui. It revolves around an underachiever Takemichi Hanagaki, who is in his 20s and lacks the direction in his life. Its Episode 4 titled ’Return’ is set to release on May 2 on MBS, TV Tokyo, TVQ, BS Asahi, AT-X, TSK, QAB, and RKK.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 4 Release Date and Time

The premium access on Crunchyroll is released on May 2, which will be easily accessible to the unsubscribed after a week. On the same date, the free release of the previous episode will be released. The time is scheduled at 2:07 am JST. The release will vary according to the geographical location. It can be released at noon in Pacific Time, 2:00 pm in Central Time, 3:00 pm in Eastern Time, and 8:00 pm in British Time. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 4: Release Date, Time and Watch Online

Where to Watch?

Episodes of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ are streamed online with Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll and VRV outside Asia on the same day. For the viewers in South and Southeast Asia, Muse Asia’s official Youtube channel will stream the episodes. In Japan, viewers can also see it on Netflix Japan.

About Episode 3

The students asked Takemichi to step out after realizing that this is no longer a fight. He continued to take the beatings. Kiyomasa was exhausted but wondering why he had not given up yet. He hit him with all his might and pushed him to give up the fight. But Takemichi stepped forward to continue the fight to take revenge.

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Sendou decided to wait for stabbing Kiyomasa. He couldn’t send and see his gang member getting thrashed. Takemichi revealed that he has wanted revenge for the past twelve years. Makoto wondered what he was talking about and realized that Naoto told him that he was the only one who could save his sister Hinata. The members of the Majin gang killed Hinata who was a lover of Takemichi.

Sendou tried to stop Takemichi after commenting on him but he said Kiyomasa could not win this fight until he would kill him. Kiyomasa announced that he would kill Takemichi and asked for his bat. Some of the students commented on him that if he needed a bat to kill a skinny guy.

Suddenly, Ryuguji Ken A.K.A. Raken, vice commander of Tokyo Manji Gang, told Kiyomasa to stop. Everyone bowed their heads and greeted him. The head of Tokyo Majin Gang, Sano Manjiro, also entered. Sano stepped forward and became friends with Takemichi. Kiyomasa got punished by Ken for fighting with a skinny guy without his permission.

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