Solo Leveling Chapter 149: Release Date, Preview, Read Manga Online, and Spoilers

Fans are excited about the next chapter of the popular manhwa series, Solo Leveling. Millions of fans who reads the manhwa every week has praised the brilliant art work and storyline depicted in the manhwa series. The latest chapter was quite an eventful and fans expect the upcoming chapter to be more thrilling as well. Our beloved hero, Sung Jin-woo has managed to overpower the egoistic Thomas.

The conference between the top hunters around the world has kicked off in the previous chapter. Sung Jin-woo also heads towards the conference to attend. The people and hunters around him are stunned to see Sung Jin-woo as he brutally thrashed someone who is considered as a king in the hunters’ world. In the previous chapter, a man with white coat introduce himself as Dr. Belzer and addresses the conference.

The doctor then starts to share information to the hunters attending at the Hunters Guild Conference. He mentioned that the monsters activities have been rising a lot lately. Dr. Belzer further added that the multiple gates are being generated and stronger monsters have begun appearing across the world. He then mentions that strange activities is also happening above the skies.

Solo Leveling Chapter 149: Preview

The upcoming chapter in the manhwa series will return this week on Wednesday, April 28. Every new chapters release at midnight in Korean Standard Time. So, the release date could be Thursday, April 29 depending upon your location. However, if you are waiting for the manhwa series to release officially on TappyToon page then you will have to wait an additional one week.

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Dr. Belzer revealed to the hunters around the world about something called Megisphere in the previous chapter. The tremendous amount of magical energy that is circulating in the atmosphere is called Megisphere in the series. Megisphere has been circulating above the skies of several countries, but they are able to locate only in nine places. He then told to the audience that the huge amount of Megisphere is concentrated in Seoul, South Korea.

The doctor also told that they cannot deal with the Megisphere at the moment. However, Sung Jin-woo doubts that the number of Megisphere could be related to the number of sovereigns. Dr. Belzer ends his presentation and a guy shows up revealing that the nation-level hunter Christopher Reid has been assassinated. The attendees suspect that it may be Sung Jin-woo, but the guy reveals another suspect, who just looks like Jin-woo.


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