Jake Paul Accused of Raping Minor Team 10 Member and Calling Her Derogatory Terms

Jake Paul always has been in the center of controversies, and he has found a way to benefit from it to advance his career. A new report published on the New York Times mentioned multiple allegations, including two sexual misconduct against Jake Paul. The first instance is the allegations made by TikTok star, Justine Paradise earlier this month. However, the other include raping another girl, but this time a minor.

The 24-year-old has a long history of controversies and is reportedly the most-disliked influencers. Now, he has started making waves as a professional boxer and fought the likes of Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, winning by knocking out both of them. The latest reports suggest that he is training like a beast to feature in a mega fight with big name in boxing world.

Justine Paradise, also aged 24, alleged earlier this month that the YouTuber forced her to perform oral sex at his house. She shared the details of her harrowing incident with Jake Paul in a YouTube video uploaded in her channel. Paradise told her fans through the video that Paul allegedly raped her at his Team 10 house in California in July 2019. When New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz interviewed Paradise’s friends, they confirmed the incident.

However, Jake Paul tweeted a few days later on April 13 and denied the allegations. His lawyer told the reporter that his client categorically denies the allegations made by TikTok influencer. He also mentioned that he will be taking legal actions against the influencer for the defamation of his character. Paul also slammed Paradise for using the false allegations to promote her adult content website and her shopping list on Amazon.

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Railey Lollie revealed that something similar happened to her as well.

The 21-year-old actress and model also revealed that she has been a victim of sexual misconduct from Jake Paul. She told The Times that she was subject to sexual misconduct when she was a minor. When she was 17, she began working with the YouTuber on his Team 10 videos. The Times reported that Paul, aged 20 at that time, groped Lollie when she was still underage.

Lollie, however, fought back and ran out of the room after she told Paul to stop. Paul used to call her with a horrible derogatory term while she was a minor. Lollie told The New York Times that Paul used to call her a jailbait. Even though there has been multiple controversies and allegations, Paul hasn’t faced any financial fallout. Instead, the boxer is reaching new heights and making more money.


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