George Floyd Death was in VAIN, Says Nancy Pelosi and This is Problematic

Everyone was shocked at what happened in 2014 so now I will here recall happened there was a video that was got viral that was an African American man who was killed in George flood by 4 white police officers went viral.

A resident who was 46 years old was handcrafted and paint to the Crown by the police officers was on Monday he was Floyd. He was pushed down by the cocks of his neck with his knees and held to the ground for several minutes despite the victim telling him that he couldn’t breathe that several times that I can’t breathe please stop.

Floyd told the officer who nevertheless continues to choke him until he went to Limbs and he died while the four police officer involved in this incident had been fired and the FBI investigation was going on that was only after the video Court viral Floyd killing has brought back memories in 2014 of Eric garner by the policeman in New York.

This instant word also the same the person was walking on the street and suddenly police come behind him and Chhod until he died and a police officer died the back and said that person was in legally selling the cigarettes and chokehold despite the latter saying he couldn’t breathe.

George Floyd Death was in VAIN, Says Nancy Pelosi and This is Problematic

It was found in reports that in Washington 1004 people were killed by the cops in 2019. In 2015 193 people were killed by the police shooting that was 15% of American African male aged was between 15 to 35 the report also notes that a black man word nine times more likely to be killed by the police than Americans the illegal killing and arresting of African Americans who got periods to caused outrage in 2016 when the shooting off to White Cops led to widespread protest in rest as well as a string of crime against African American as well as a Police Officer.

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Two ways of repeated brutality and police violence on the black community for a 3-year-old black man from North California was shot and killed by the police on Wednesday morning the man was identified as and a resident of Elizabeth City North California. This incident took place at 8:30 a.m. brown who was an arm and the father of 10 reportedly exists the resident of a drove away from his car when police fired a total of six to eight shots. Brown family says that it did not have any prior to him being shot North California strait of Investigation had been called in to take the investigation of local authorities will be held a Press Conference on Wednesday after the discussion all shooting a crowd of tomorrow’s demonstrators weekend gathering near the area protest brown killing comes one day after the decorative verdict in the mother of George flood and the shooting of ma khia write at 16-year-old Columbus.

Matthew Wilson was killed by the police on April 12 2021 because he had a knife however Williams memory rejected that the native has been demanded to release the body cam footage to the verify police claimed William died in his own house from the shooting the lawyer representing the family said the police are actively engaged and trying to cover up the killing of a man in his own house. All these cases with the black man of African American were made Ace remember of George fluid that for how much time they have to be under the Americans that was a white man. If they all live in the same country same Nation then why there is racism not only there are a lot many theories and cases about White police but only we can do is protest and that was also be ended by and killing of a black man.

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