Boruto Episode 197: Release Date, Time and Watch Online

Boruto, a spinoff and a sequel of Kishimoto’s Naruto, is the son of Naruto Uzumaki. Leading to his ninja way, the show has aired 196 episodes till now. It is expected that Boruto Episode 197 will release on Sunday, 2 May at 5:30 pm. Desperately waiting for the latest episode, have some patience and hear us out about this newest release.

Release Date and Time of Boruto Episode 197

Though it is released on 2 May, the time 2:30 pm is according to Japan Standard Time. It will differ for different places. If you are planning to watch it on Crunchyroll, then it would be delayed for half an hour for its subtitles. This results in streaming around the world at 2 am in Pacific time, 4 am in central time, 5 am in eastern time and 10 am in British time.

Boruto Episode 197: Release Date, Time and Watch Online

Where to Watch?

You can watch the latest episode on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and AnimeLab. On illegal websites, the timing may differ. 

About Episode 196

Though Leaf village is protected by Yamanaka Clan and finds out any person who tried to sneak into the village, Delta suspected that Koji had sneaked inside the village and was always a step ahead of her. She was so furious about it. Meanwhile, Koji, wearing a hooded mask hiding his identity, with the help of summoning toad started to track down Kawaki.

 Moreover, Kawaki finished fixing Himawari’s vase. Since Boruto was playing a game, he felt bored when Sarada and Mitsuki entered. They told Hinata that they did not get any missions today and thought to visit Boruto. Mitsuki notices that Kawaki is quiet and exposes Sarada for spying on Kawaki and involving him in it. Kawaki commented that Mitsuki is honest. 

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Mitsuki introduced himself as Boruto’s friend and offered his hand for a handshake to Kawaki. But, he ignored it while not putting his dominant hand into his. Sarada said that he has an attitude and how Boruto has been coping with him. That’s when Naruto entered and called out Boruto for his training.

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Boruto’s Training with Naruto

Boruto decides to train with his father in hand-to-hand combat. Sarada and Mitsuki followed them and Boruto called on Kawaki explaining that they can even find out something about Karma. When the training started, Boruto used Shadow Clone Jutsu which is also used by Naruto. Mitsuki explained this Jutsu to Kawaki. After fighting for some time, Kawaki asked him to use his Karma, but he couldn’t. Boruto’s Karma emerged after Kawaki’s Karma, others noticed that Boruto’s Karma is responsive to his. 

During the fight, Naruto felt the difference that his punches and kicks were getting heavy when landed. Boruto lost the match but Naruto was impressed by his smartness and fighting skills during combat. He was happy about his training and hard work. When they headed home, Sasuke came to meet them and Kawaki noticed the love in their house. Meanwhile, Koji succeeded in finding Kawaki.   

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