WWE Big Names Getting Fired By Vince McMahon. Know Why?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a popular American professional wrestling promoter and executive. He is also an American football executive and media proprietor. At present he is the chairman and chief executive of WWE. He is much in talk ever since he fired around 30 employees including some big names of WWE. According to the sources, it is said that after he fired the employees and hired some new ones his net worth has increased.

Why WWE Stars Are Fired By The Chairman? Here Is The Answer.

As we all know most of the companies fired their employees during the Pandemic and lockdown. Mainly because of the financial breakdown due to which it was getting difficult for them to pay the employees. The primer pro wrestling industry employees too were fired by the chairman Vince Mcmahon. Some sources suggest that the step was taken in order to start things freshly and some say that since he couldn’t meet the financial demands the employees were fired.

Nicole Zeoli the director of Talent Relation who was associated with WWE for the past 11 years was fired by the chairman McMahon. He was giving the position of director in 2018. Mark Carrano and Joe Villa too fall in the list of fired employees. John cone too is fired from the position of a senior manager in the Talent Relation Department. But he still holds the position of referee. Along with big names, Dan Engler too got fired from the department of talent relations.

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In a call, Vince praised the management team of WWE. He said –

” like every other form of entertainment or sport, we’re coming out of the COVID, At first, we were in survival mode but we found new life. once we felt secure, we then saw this as an opportunity to rethink the way we do business and open what I call a WWE treasure chest. The only way you can do that is to have best management team in WWE history. We have that team. A team that’s innovative, a team that drives revenue and has reorganized our company in a more efficient way to take advantage of new revenue streams, ne online platforms, new consumer products, new content creation, new opportunities to expand our media rights portfolio on a global basis. I’m always excited about our business and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited than I am now.”

According to the sources, John Laurinaitis will make a team of his with permission from Vince. We can say that the old employees are fired because Vince wants some new talents for WWE. He thinks that the employees working with WWE are from the old era. In order to freshen up things, he had to take this decision. Kevin has his position as it is on the top but Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis who had been working backstage previously were introduced.

John in a statement said that –

“Vince McMahon wants fresh eyes on the product and on management.It seems most of the management are from a previous era.”

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