Who is James Damore? Google Memo Controversy Explained

James Damore is an ex-employee of Google. He was fired n 2017 for writing a memo, named “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: How Bias Clouds our Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion” in July 2017.

Here’s all you need to know about that memo and how Google dealt with it.

About the Memo:

The memo talks about the biological difference between men and women.

For it’s an effect in the workplaces and women being underrepresented in the tech companies. And the ways how to deal with it. Together with it, the Google policies or the views regarding diversity is criticized.

Though at the very beginning of the memo, Damore cleared that he is neither into the stereotypes nor a sexist. Further, to prove his points in the memo, he referred to some scientific articles.

But it was regarded as outdated because much of the words are his interpretation of his views about the difference between men and women.

How Did The Memo Come into Public:

It was written by him while he was on a flight to China. Apparently, he wrote it after he attended the Google Diversity Program. The memo was on Google’s internal mailing list in July 2017. But on August 5, 2017, it got published on Gizmodo.

Google’s Response:

Two days then it got published, Damore was fired on August 7, 2017. Google regarded it as a violation of the code of its conduct.

Google’ CEO and VP of Diversity did not see it in good eyes. Moreover, many employees came forward and said it was a sexist article and racial discrimination. And certainly needs to be deal with strictly.

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Though Damore said he received some thanks texts privately from other Google employees for his words.

The Result:

He filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging the discrimination against conservatives and whites and men.

Later, he had a setback when the memo was considered misogyny and offensive in the workplace. Thereby, his firing was legal. And he agreed to dismiss the lawsuit.

With that, one of the biggest controversial issues came to an end. It lasted for years.

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