Who Is Abigail Shapiro? Ben Shapiro Sister and Victim of Anti-Semitic Harassment

Abigail Shapiro is Ben Shapiro Sister, the famous conservative commentator also as described as ‘conservative influencer’. American opera singer, Abigail Shapiro claimed herself to be fearless and not afraid of coming out as a conservative. She is a social media influencer, blogger, and Youtuber who became viral on clearing her thought too conservative. She was often subjected to anti-Semitic and misogynistic harassment because of her brother’s high-profile and controversial views.

“Why I Came Out as Conservative: Conservative Women NEED a Community,” said Abigail Shapiro.

She posted a video on her YouTube channel saying that it was difficult for people to express their conservatism without fearing that they might lose their jobs or friends. She is an artist, an opera singer, claiming to be conservative has been more difficult for her. She said conservative women had it harder than conservative women when it’s about keeping their views “under wraps”.

Who Is Abigail Shapiro? Ben Shapiro Sister and Victim of Anti-Semitic Harassment

She especially regarded the views expressing their anti-abortion views or being taken seriously, which has become a hard truth to be respected. They focused on the fact that there was a need for women to out as conservative in order to form a community. She said the Her makeup and clothing come from a “conservative and classic lifestyle”. Her main purpose in opening the YouTube channel is to create a space for conservative women to form an online community.

Abigail Shapiro Anti- Semitic Harassment for Being Ben Shapiro Sister

In October 2017 Abigail Shapiro’s YouTube channel was flooded with anti-Semitic trolls and misogynist messages. She was trolled after being tracked down as Ben Shapiro sister. She was tolled due to her brother’s unabashed opinions on social and cultural issues.

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Ben’s opinion regarding homosexuality s a mental disease, same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to have children, an American soldier’s life is worth more than an Afghan civilian which became the reason for Abigail to face the backlash and hateful comments.

Who Is Abigail Shapiro? Ben Shapiro Sister and Victim of Anti-Semitic Harassment

As people discovered that Abigail Shapiro is Ben Shapiro Sister, she received mean comments on her channel like, “I wanna Rape her, cut off her head and send it to Ben”. At that point in time, she suppressed the commenting privileges on her videos.

Abigail had no idea how she was even tracked down and linked to her brother. Shapiro is an incredibly common last name, Abigail and Ben have never been publicly identified together. And Abigail’s social media profiles are locked down, in large part because of her brother’s public persona, with the exception of her YouTube page, which is filled with opera performances.

Though eventually she gave in and accepted to live a life full of criticisms for being conservative.

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