VP Kamala Harris Attacked with Sexual Jokes by Oklahoma State Senator Face Backlash

There is still a concept that women get success in their careers by giving sexual pleasure to other men. This has been certainly proved by Oklahoma State Senator. He has allegedly passed sexual comments about the Vice President, United States, Kamala Harris.

Though he faced a backlash and now he is under fire.

When and why did he utter those comments?

In an interview with KTUL, KFOR’s sister channel in Tulsa, Natham Dahm, the Senator made those sexual jokes about Kamala Harris on Friday. He was talking about a bill he filed regarding paper straws. While talking about that, he commented, “You can’t use a paper straw for a milkshake but maybe Kamala Harris could because of her vast experience”.

VP Kamala Harris Attacked with Sexual Jokes by Oklahoma State Senator Face Backlash

In a way, he stood by it and implicated that she is rising above in her career and got selected for the position because she slept and probably given sexual pleasure.

Waves of Criticism:

He is been criticized by the netizens. People are speaking about this wrong behavior and certainly, it is not acceptable from a senator. His comments were misogynistic and of toxic masculinity. Even notable people like Rep. Ajay Pittman came forward in support of Kamala Harris. She does not look this in good eyes. In her views, probably because of the popularity and the position of a Senator, Dahm thought he can say anything about anyone.

Response of the Senator:

Though there was speculation that he is being racist. He cleared that it has nothing to do with her gender. He said it is a joke and certainly does not mean it.

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But comments like this are not funny and can’t be categorized as a joke. He was being sexist and passed comments in a media interview about the Vice President of the United States.


As a result, he is under charge and strict actions would be taken against him.

Not only that, many females cited that this has been faced by them as well. It’s one of their stories and these men need to punish and disrespectful behavior is not acceptable, especially from a State Senator.

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