VIDEO: Andrew Brown Jr EXECUTED Unprovoked by Police, New Leaked Video Tells a Different Story Than Police

The Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputies in North Carolina fatally shot a 42-year-old Black man, Andrew Brown, Jr. Brown’s family had claimed that they know nothing about why the police officers killed him. The authorities didn’t release the body-camera video following the incident. The family members and Brown’s lawyers claim that he was executed by the deputies.

Brown’s lawyers and the family members also complained that the police department only showed 20 seconds of body-camera video. The killing had sparked outrages among the people in Elizabeth City and protestors walked on the streets. Bettie Parker, the mayor of Elizabeth city issued an emergency declaration citing that there would be a civil unrest in the city following the public release of video.


The reports claimed that the authorities edited the footage before showing it to Brown’s lawyers and family members. Benjamin Crump, who is representing Brown, told the reporters that only a portion of body-cam video was shown even though there was more. He further added that the authorities decided the video was relevant just by showing just a snippet of the fatal encounter.

Brown’s lawyers argued that they didn’t get the transparency!

The new leaked report suggest that there is more to the story than the authorities want to show. Following the conference from Brown’s lawyers, protestors have demanded the authorities to release the video publicly. The mayor of Elizabeth City, however, feels the public release of the video may entice civil unrest within the city. One of the lawyers representing Brown’s family revealed that Brown was shot in his head.

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The State Bureau of Investigation is currently investigation the incident and seven law enforcement officers are currently on leave. Multiple deputies had shot Brown multiple times while he tried to drive away. However, Brown’s hand were at the driving wheel, and he didn’t appear to be a threat to any deputies present at the scene. Brown’s son told that his father was executed while trying to save his own life.

The court documents revealed that the deputies were on the scene to make arrest in a drug-related search. Deputies had an information, including a recording of drug buys, from an informant before they tried to apprehend Mr. Brown.

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