US Agrees to Supply Further Demands of Covid-19 Raw Materials

Joe Biden, president of the UNITED STATES, and Jake Sullivan, US National security advisor on 25 April 2021 had spoken to AJIT DOVAL and agreed to supply the raw materials for the production of the COVISHIELD vaccine in India. earlier U.S has banned the export of raw materials and after all the conversations with authorities finally choose to lift the ban.

Previous restrictions on exporting essential raw materials: 

the US department Spokesperson NED Price have spoke on Thursday, April,22 2021 about the ban on raw materials saying due to this uncontrollable pandemic have urged the production of the vaccine. he stated that US  was the most affected country with more than 550,000 deaths across the nation.

The deadly coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world and traveling beyond the imagination. and there were a possible lift of ban on the export of the raw materials. he explained about the Indian request of ban saying that their” first priority is effective and successful effort to vaccinate the American people” .

the discussions included that US interest is to see the American people vaccinated and but also the interest of the world to see the Americans Vaccinated. Pfizer and MODERNA has been producing rapidly so as to meet the goal of vaccinating the entire American Population by July 4.

there was a telephone conversation between the US . secretary of state BLINKEN and   Indian external Minister S. JAISHANKAR spoke about the pandemic and would deal on this matter. the loan agreement matter with” QUAD including to increase the production capacity in India ” .

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the recent agreement of exporting the raw materials for the COVISHEILD in India 

India is reported with spike of coronavirus cases , recording the highest number of 3.3 lakh cases in India alone in single day April 23 2021. after knowing this the condition in India as the circumstances would go off of hand if not take any further preventive measures to stop the threat to humankind.

Serum Institute of INDIA has urged the US president JOE BIDEN to lift the ban on Embargo in the ban list as its hurting the production of AstraZeneca shots. On Sunday, April 25 , JAKE SULLIVAN, U.S NATIONAL security advisor spoke to the National Security advisor that U.S will deploy the support to India in this battle to fight against coronavirus.

he concluded by saying U.S also will supply the additional Rapid diagnostic test kits, therapeutics, Ventilators, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to India. The required raw materials and supplies are to be deployed to Serum Institute Of India to boost the production of COVISHIELD to be immediately available in India by the statement by NSC spokesperson EMILY HORNE.

the ban on embargo was lifted, India on the export of vaccine raw materials comes after nearly two weeks of requests from Adar, the CEO of vaccine-maker Serum Institute of India. Biden tweeted stating UNITED STATES is determined to help INDIA in time of need.

U.S Congressmen Raja KRISHNAMOORTHI also advised the Biden administration to supply the unused vaccine as there are a huge population in desperate need of vaccine. The Biden administration also assured by saying U.S will do more by giving AstraZeneca which hasn’t used , and this was reported by Anthony FAUCI , Biden’s chief advisor on COVID-19 pandemic said on TV program on 25 APRIL 2021.

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