Rowan Baxter’couldn’t Move Past the Relationship’ with Hanaah Clarke Despite Shared Custody Arrangement

Suspected murderer Rowan Baxter, husband of estranged Hannah Clarke rejected his custody of their children and took their lives in a car fire.

Rowan Baxter’ record:

Not only that, Rowan Baxter had a history of a past crime. He was involved in domestic violence against his estranged wife Hannah Clarke and their children Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey, and himself in Brisbane. He was allowed to contact his children but lost it just a week later over an alleged assault of his estranged wife.

He was being asked to undergone counseling but he did not pay any heed. It was not about family problems. Maybe he had any issues that he did not consider to be addressed. On the other hand, he assaulted his wife and even kidnapped his eldest daughter.

This is why his estranged wife obtained the DVO against him. He was not satisfied with what he was getting.

Murder of Hannah Clarke:

On February 19, 2020, in Camp Hill, Queensland, she was fatally scorched in a petrol fire in her car, along with her children. The police discovered the bodies. Though children were found dead inside in the car, Ms Clarke jumps out of the car when she was on fire. Later the Hospital authority confirmed she had died. And Mr Baxter was found close to the car with a self-inflicted stab wound.

Rowan Baxter'couldn't move past the relationship' with Hannah Clarke despite shared custody arrangement

Before this, he rejected his custody of their children. He wanted 50: 50 custody but he was given 165 days custody of their children. That he did not agree and got out of it.

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About Rowan Baxter:

Rowan Baxter was a former Rugby player. He represented New Zealand and also had been running a gym with his wife. But as he was involved with domestic violence, his wife and his children shifted to another location.

With that, you can say that he was not happy with his life. Somewhere he was frustrated and dissatisfied. And he needed counseling to figure out his life and priorities. But he did not. Contrary, he involved in domestic violence and did not agree with the custody. And end up taking their lives and committed a crime.

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