New Update for Xbox Microsoft Edge: Supports Mouse & Keyboard

Microsoft is testing its Chromium-powered browser on none other than Xbox consoles. Microsoft Edge can be accessed by the testers in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group. Microsoft has always tried to bring new technology to the public. But before any new thing came into the hands of its users, it should be tested so that there is no problem when a player operates the product. It’s for both, the safety of the player and the name of the brand should not be compromised.

And a brand to remains in the market, it should release new and exciting products to its users. Because without that, the company could lose its interest in the market as well ad its users and worth.


Of course, it had some flaws at the starting. One of the major flaws was the absence of the mouse and keyboard to control it. Everyone was having problems navigating the whole browser as it was quite difficult. There was nothing new with the interface too. It was the same as Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. And user did not like that part of it too. There were some bugs too which were making it quite hard to operate. This leads to disappointing results in their test version of the Microsoft edge.


But Tom Warren, a member of the verge and a quiet tech nerd pointed out this small detail in the tweet. He uploaded that now you can operate mouse and keyboard on both of the Microsoft Edge and browser and he was quite satisfied with the result.

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The bugs were also removed and it was quite smooth to handle everything. He also showed how a keyboard is required to type in a word document in Microsft edge and also can search the web with quite ease. And with a mouse, it will be easy for users to play some game which is a little difficult when the players with controllers. Also, this will help in gaining control in the PC market. It’s one of the largest tech markets in the world.

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