New Famicom Detective Club Trailers Focus on Characters and Gameplay

Ever since its launch in 1988-1989, Famicom Detective Club, an adventure game was for Japan. This will be the first time the duology will be released outside Japan. The games will be localized in English and will be released for the Nintendo Switch on May 14, 2021, worldwide. Moreover, it’s developed by one of the renowned Japanese video game developers, the Mages.

In addition to new graphics, music, and voiced language, this duology is gonna give goosebumps. And the trailers raised the bar high. They have been uploaded through the official Youtube Channel of Nintendo Japan. Previously, the trailers were available in both English and Japanese. But these are only in Japanese.

New Famicom Detective Club Trailers Focus on Characters and Gameplay

If you look at the trailers, the ultimate focus is based on the characters, voice actors and gameplay. Instead of giving a glimpse, the trailers created an atmosphere of a lot more curiosity and gamers are eagerly waiting for it.

Here is the list of the artists who voiced the characters:

• Megumi Ogata, the protagonist
• Yuko Minaguchi aka Ayumi Tachibana
• Akio Otsuka
• Riki Kagami
• Taiten Kusunoki
•Michitaka Kobayashi
• Ben Hiura
• Tomokazu Sugita
•Atsuku Tanaka
•Shigeru Chiba
•Shin-ichiro Miki


The trailers revealed a bit of the gameplay of both the games. With that, some detective dialogue is available in it. That calls for an investigative plot. Further, the characters are in search of any kind of unusual aspects. It can be a promising one worldwide.

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Brief about the duology:

It was written by Yoshio Sakamoto.
And the initial games are based on a young man solving murder mysteries in the countryside of Japan. A duology game that consists of the first entry: The Missing Heir (1998) and the second entry: The Girl Who Stands Behind (1989).

It received a great positive response from the Japanese citizens. Maybe this is why they planned to go for a worldwide release this year. Originally planned for a 2020 release, in October they announced a delay to 2021.

So, gamers get ready for an exciting game. And if you are interested in investigative game plots, this is for you. Moreover, according to the sources, it will only be available through the Nintendo e-shop.

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