Lester Green is Dead? Truth behind the Viral HOAX on the Internet

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, people are cautious about the death toll. And especially when it’s about a celebrity, it creates more chaos. A horrific tense atmosphere prevails among the people. Is that true that our favorite American entertainer, one of the greatest Wack Packer Lester Green is no more?

Is he dead?

No, Lester Green is alive. He has become old and fans are cautious about his health. But he is in between us. It was just speculation about him. Moreover, speculations about celebrity deaths spread much faster than any other news. And it is clear because of the active involvement of Green on his social media handle like Twitter.

Why such speculative information came up?

People might have got confused with the death of Glenn Shadix. He appeared with Lester in the movie Beetlejuice. Though Shadix died long back and this must not create confusion. His sister mentioned, Shadix died because he fell. He was at the age of 58.

Who is Lester Green?

Lester Green is one of the greatest Wack Packer. He is been awarded the Greatest Wack Packer of all times in 2015 by Howard Stern. Popularly, known as the Beetlejuice. Fans do love him for his nature. He is an American entertainer, suffers from dwarfism and microcephaly. Though he does not consider them much. He is a free-spirited, lovable person of 52 years old and still counting.

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Why the death hoax is circulated in the media so much?

People are much interested in death rather than living. They are likely to circulate this to create tension and mourning among the people. They believe in lies more. This is not the first case of a death hoax. Previously, a lot of other death hoaxes were reported.

Currently, social media platforms add fuel to this hoax. These platforms are easily accessible and convenient to spread rumors or speculations about anyone.
Generally, people give much attention and it’s around a celebrity and becomes a human interest story.


As a result, often people are requested to be careful and check before circulating any type of information in the mass.

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