Katherine Schwarzenegger Pregnant Again!!? Chris Pratt Fuel Pregnancy Rumors

Is Katherine Schwarzenegger pregnant again? There is a rumor that she may be pregnant again. But does it have any basis? Last year, Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt had a baby daughter Lyla. Chris becoming a father for the second time.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pregnancy Rumors

As for now, there is not any evidence nor any paparazzi photos of Katherine showing a baby bump. There is not any basis for the rumor as well. Nor any confirmation from either Katherine or Chris Pratt. They seem busy with their career and baby Lyla.

Even though the couple is quite private with their life and children and could be keeping the supposed pregnancy secret. There is barely any information to back up the rumor. Therefore the conclusion is that the rumors are false and nothing else. Adding to that, they just had their baby daughter last year, so there doesn’t seem anything more to it.

Also, the rumor has hardly gained any fame. Katherine has published her book ‘The Gift of forgiveness’ last year and also has an Instagram series named Before, During and After baby (BDA), while Chris Pratt is filming for the New Amazon series The Terminal List. Even if this rumor is false we can expect some time in the future as Chris Pratt said Lots of kids in the future, according to a statement to Entertainment Tonight given by Chris in 2019.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pregnant Again!!? Chris Pratt Fuel Pregnancy Rumors

There have been many statements from both new parents that, they and their family are focusing on Lyla. The couple announced the baby’s birth on 10th August 2020 with an Instagram post with ‘thrilled to announce the birth of daughter’ as the caption. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also talked about how it is to be a grandpa.

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The couple has never revealed their daughter’s face yet. They have even announced that they won’t be revealing it for a long time. Katherine made a statement that she feels Lyla should make the choice for herself when she is old enough.

In a recent interview revealing that she is using her own childhood as inspiration. They want to give a normal and private life to Lyla before she chooses for her own.

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