Joe Biden 4th Stimulus Check is Being Considered by Congress, Payment, Release And More

Millions of Americans are struggling to cope with the financial crisis triggered by the coronavirus-induced shutdowns. The IRS has been delivering the third round of stimulus checks across the country, but people are hoping for at least another round. Several lawmakers are pushing Biden’s administration to send out the fourth round of stimulus checks and unemployment insurance.

The lawmakers believe that the people need at least another round of direct payments to ease the financial burdens. A new report shows delivering stimulus checks had helped millions of Americans to improve their financial situation. The third stimulus have reduced the number of Americans who couldn’t cover household expenses and now the families cover their grocery bills and rents.

During the third round of stimulus checks, the IRS sent $1,400 per individual and his/her qualified dependents. This has helped to put food on a table to those 30% who couldn’t cover their household expenses over the past few months. The report from the U.S. Census Bureau suggests that around 18 million adults are going hungry every month in the country.

Congress working on the fourth stimulus checks

The President of the United States, Joe Biden is set to reveal the details of the upcoming spending in the coming week. So far, the president hasn’t confirmed about the plans of fourth stimulus checks, but he is feeling pressure. Several advocacy groups, lawmakers, and congressional Democrats have pressured Biden for more direct payments to the financially struggling citizens.

The president previously signed $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law, which had the provision of third stimulus checks. Now, he is working onto signing $2 trillion-plus infrastructure plan into law in coming weeks. However, this new plan doesn’t include the provision of direct payments but the plans to improve transportation across the country.

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Around 200 Democratic U.S. senators sent a letter to Biden to announce a fourth stimulus checks. Even though the president agrees to the idea of the fourth stimulus, passing the bill would still be challenging. Republicans leaders in Congress didn’t support the third stimulus, and they all vote against it. On the other hand, Biden is going to reveal $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, but it is unclear whether the plan includes a fourth stimulus or not.



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