Tales of Arise: Release Date And Adds PS5 and Xbox Series Versions, launches September 10

I know you are a game lover and like playing and trying new games. So here’s good news for you as Bandai Namco Entertainment is launching a new game titled Tales of Arise mostly this September. Tales of Arise is a role-playing game. This is the 7th edition of the Tales series of games. Tales of Aries was initially planned for 2020 but as we all know not a single area is left unaffected and so does the gaming industry felt a drawback because of Covid- 19.

Tales Of Aries Release Date, New Additions and More

Tales of Aries will get launched in September 2021 date still remains unrivaled. It will get launched for Microsoft, Windows, Play Station 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox series, PC, and Xbox One. The game was announced for the first time at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference. Play station 5 and Xbox Series are a new version of the game. Initially, this version will be available in Japan on September 9.

Tales of Arise: Release Date And Adds PS5 and Xbox Series Versions, launches September 10

The game is produced by Yusuke Tomizawa who is said to have been producing the game. He is sure about the game getting launched in September as the production process heading ahead very well. It is said that the game has reached the final stage and needs some final touches before it gets launched. The play station 4 and Xbox one will include a free upgrade. By which it will get converted to play station 5 and Xbox series version.

The dual sense wireless controller’s haptic feedback functionality is supported on the play station 5. The user or the player will see the difference when they will switch from lightning magic to fire magic. Performance of 60 frames per second and graphics of 4k resolution will be supported by the Tales of Aries.

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The anime scenes which are there in the game are produced by Ufotable. Tales of Aries is a game with the largest volume of anime scenes in the series. With all these additions new characters are added to the game which are Rinwell, Fururu, and Row. Fururu is Rinwell’s Moscort companion. Sayuri Hara gave voice to the character of Rinwell whereas the character of Rowe is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Some new anime characters too are added to the game

The newly added characters are said to be the young characters as said by the producer.  Players can explore more three-dimensional fields with actions like jumping and swimming.

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