Russian Surgeon Honored Through Google Doodle. Here’s Everything About Her

On the 151st birth anniversary, Vera Ignatievna Gedroits and her life is honored through a google doodle on Monday, April 19th.

Vera Ignatievna Gedroits was born on April 7, 1890, in Slobodishche, in the Oryol Governorate of the Russian Empire. she was born in a family that had connections to the princely clan of the Radziwill family. They later moved to Russia in 1863, as the Lithuanian liberties got suspended by the autocracy.

Education, Career And Contribution During The War. 

She was admitted to the gymnasium under Vasily Rozanov but was told to quit it after she was found playing pranks on teachers. After this, she was sent to St. Petersburg for attending anatomy courses under professor Peter Lesgaft. She then moved to Switzerland to finish her further studies.

She volunteered to go to the front with the Red cross during the Russo-Japanese war in 1904. In the first week, around 1,255 patients were treated by her. This included 100 patients with head wounds and 61 patients with abdominal injuries. In order to serve the people, she broke up her marriage in December 1905.

Russian Surgeon Honored Through Google Doodle. Here's Everything About Her

She is known for performing abdominal surgeries on the battlefield. This changed the way battlefield medicine and treatment were performed. She also published nonfiction works and a collection of poetry. She even authored ‘Life’ and published it in 1931. This is her memoir which tells the story of her life.

Papers And Other Literary Work. 

She then began treating many chronic diseases patients and begun cataloging the cases of the born tuberculosis, infection, and inguinal Hernia. She had published around 17 scientific papers between 1902. This included hernias, industrial injuries, obstetrics, thyroid gland, and various tumors.

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She was an expert in performing operations which included adnominal and chest wounds, amputations, ectopic pregnancy, facial and tendon reconstructions, intestinal resection, hysterectomy, skull trepanation, and sitting bones. She was appointed as a senior in Tsarskoye Selo court Hospital.


She was honored with the name  ‘Gedroits’ at the Tsarskoye Selo court hospital. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 1931 and left the world at the age of 61 in March 1932. Here contribution to the world of medicine will never be forgotten. She will be always remembered for what she has done during the war.

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