Wonder Woman 3: Gal Gadot on Production Details and Release Date Updates

Wonder Woman 1984, became one of the most super hit releases of Christmas 2020 alongside other movies such as Soul and Promising Young Woman. After the huge success of the previously mentioned movie, Warner Bros announced the upcoming Wonder Woman 3 which will be the final part of the Wonder Woman series which started long back in 2017. Patty Jenkins is the writer and director of the same whereas the main actress will also remain the same as in Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman again. Read the full article to know the production details and release date of the same.

Expected storyline of Wonder Woman 3

While Warner Bros was working on Wonder Woman, Jenkins already came up with the storyline of its sequel which eventually named Wonder Woman 1984 hence, it is a possibility that Jenkins already has written and finalized the storyline of the same. As per the expected story, Wonder Woman 3 will go on in the current time period instead of being a prequel story. It will somehow showcase the virus. Diana aka Wonder Woman could be seen searching for Asteria, who was lost while saving the Amazon from being humans slave centuries ago. 

Wonder Woman 3: Gal Gadot on Production Details and Release Date Updates

Expected Cast and Crew of Wonder Woman 3 

The writer and director of Wonder Woman 3 didn’t confirm whether Barbara will return or not in the mentioned movie, it can be predicted that there’s a possibility that the director wants Kristen Wiig to come and play the role of Barbara or Cheetah’s arc. While Barbara’s return wasn’t confirmed, one thing was confirmed that Gal Gadot will once again play the role of Wonder Woman aka Diana. Asteria played by actress Lynda Carter can be expected as the expected storyline revolves around Diana searching for her.

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Will Gal Gadot’s pregnancy will hinder the production and creation process of Wonder Woman 3?

Gal Gadot took her social media and posted a picture with her family where her husband was seen touching her tummy which has a visible baby bump. There is no confirmation regarding the third pregnancy of the actress but from the post, it is quite clear that she is pregnant. As per the sources, Gal Gadot was six months pregnant during the shoot of Wonder Woman and still managed to give a kickass performance in the movie.

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