Noise Buds Price, Features Customer Reviews And More

With the passing time luxuries of life turn into necessities. Once earphones used to be a luxury for many and now it’s a necessity. With the increasing, the demanded variety of listening devices keeps evolving and from earphones, we now reached to the buds.

Noise Truly Wireless Buds Pros And Corns.

Industries producing wireless buds need to meet the increasing demand keeping in mind the price of the device. They have to face the competition by making affordable and efficient devices.

Noise recently came up with its new noise shots X – Buds. It is priced at around Rs. 3,999. These earbuds come with touch control. That allows you to control volume, play/ pause track, switch between tracks, launch voice assistant, and handle calls.

This set of features are mostly not provided at such a low cost. Which a good thing to know about.  Though the touch control is a little bit confusing as it requires you to switch between the right and left for performing a single task.

Noise Buds Price, Features Customer Reviews And More

For example in order to switch between the playing track you need to tap 3 times for the previous track on the left and for the next on right. Volume can be controlled by sliding up down or with a double-tap.

This is a cause of confusion and a troublesome task, As a single tap gets registered as double or triple by the dive itself. Compared to this receiving and rejecting calls worked well.  To receive calls single tap is needed and to reject a double tap or long press of 2sec.

The case of the buds is pocketable however it doesn’t fit completely in a women’s jeans. It’s lightweight along with the buds inside it. It weighs around 50g. The case has a charging indicator with white LED light arranged in a line of four.

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The shape of the buds is similar to that of I -phone buds with a long pipe. It’s comfortable to use even for long sessions. It gives no pain to the ears. Talking about the battery you can use the buds for continuous 4 hours with single charging.

The only thing is the bass of the buds is not that efficient and it’s something for which you shouldn’t buy this pair of buds.

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