F1 2021 Game: Official Trailer, Release Date, Cost and Latest Update

Codemasters has posted the first official trailer for F1 2021 ahead of this weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix in Imola. The game will be released to the general public on July 16 and, as is customary, will be available in both deluxe and regular editions. The 2021 game will feature a new story mode, as well as new tracks and improved next-gen console graphics. Additionally, due to the current collaboration, this year’s game features the Electronic Arts (EA) logo.

F1 2021 Game: Official Trailer, Release Date, Cost and Latest Update

All you need to know about the video game F1 2021:

Officially announced F1 2021 game features

The inclusion of the Imola, Portimao, and Jeddah race tracks was a key feature demanded by the Formula One community and fans. Codies has listened to and acknowledged the inclusion of these three venues in addition to the 22 songs on the game’s tracklist. It remains to be seen if the 2020 game’s Vietnam Grand Prix track is retained.

Release Date of F1 2021

F1 2021 is expected to release on 16th July and is currently available for pre-order. Players can enjoy a variety of benefits based on the edition of the game they buy, as detailed below.


While the official trailer did not show any action, Butler was heard in the game’s dialogue, setting the tone for what fans of the racing series should expect. You can view the teaser by clicking here:

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F1 2021 is available for £59.99 in Standard Edition and £74.99 in Deluxe Edition. Codemasters also outlined the advantages of buying the game’s premium edition.

• My Team Icons Collection

• Seven recognizable drivers to help you get the most out of your ‘My Team’ experience

• In-game customization elements that are exclusive to the game:

• Victory radio call | Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet

• Content Pack for Braking Point

• Commemorate the release of F1® 2021 with unique in-game pieces inspired by the fictional characters from the latest story experience ‘Braking Point’. Equip them as Devon Butler, Aiden Jackson, and Casper Akkerman in order to race:

• Avatar of the protagonist | Vehicle livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio voices

• 18,000 virtual PitCoins to spend in-game

Platforms for F1 2021

F1 2021 will be available on Playstation 5, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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