BLM protestors Ganging Up on White Diners and THREATENING them to Leave NYC

Last Tuesday, a group or mob of Black Lives Matter protestors were seen outside a family restaurant owned by a White man. They were seen chanting different slogans such as we don’t want your money, move out of here and many more similar slogans. They were seen ganging up on the diners, customers, and the staff of the restaurant. The restaurant is in New York and its name is Maya Taqueria. The person who owns it is a 50-year-old white man. Read the full article to know the whole story.

Black Lives Matter protestor seen outside Maya Taqueria, protesting or we can say harassing the owner of the Restaurant?

Last Tuesday, in New York people, were quietly enjoying their meal when Black Lives Matter protestors gathered outside the family restaurant and starting chanting kind of hate slogans. The whole scenario was captured in the cameras, where the leader of the mob is standing on the table chanting the slogan like we don’t want you here and the rest of the protestors repeat the same slogans after him. Few seemed confused after chanting the same about whether they want the restaurant to be closed. They missed the whole point of their protest.

BLM protestors Ganging Up on White Diners and THREATENING them to Leave NYC

Story of the owner and reason behind opening the restaurant

In a previous interview the owner of the restaurant Maya Taqueria, David Nasser is a 50-year-old white man who opened the restaurant 10 years ago mainly because he was missing the native food ubiquitous taquerias from San Fransisco. He moved to Brooklyn long back in 2001. The operating partner of the restaurant Daniel Nasser shared that it took him years to master the Mexican style of cooking with the help of his family.

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They also shared how their staff and nearby people completely depended on them for the food and for the money to support them during the pandemic. The supporter of the restaurant expressed how good the food of the restaurant is and how the safer ambiance they provide to the customers. When the owners and the staff of the same asked to comment about the same, they decide to remain quiet.

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