7 Years Of Sewol Ferry Disaster Marked By President Moon Jae

2014’s Sewol ferry disaster that took away more than 300 lives completed its seven years on April 16, 2021. The Sewol ferry disaster was South Korea’s biggest maritime disaster.

Sewol Ferry Disaster – Whole Story Behind It.

On 16th April Sewol ferry was traveling from Incheon to Jeju island Capsized. Carrying 476 passengers when the ship slowly started sinking in the rising water. This claimed 304 lives out of which 250 were second-year high school students going for a picnic.

Yesterday President Moon Jae marked the seventh anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster. In an social media post, posted on his social media account President Moon said –

” Heartbreaking April with the memory of the Sewol Ferry incident.” Further, he said ” It’s been seven years since young high school students fell victims to the ferry sinking, they would have been young adults by now if they had survived.

7 Years Of Sewol Ferry Disaster Marked By President Moon Jae

Further, he even highlighted the law’s that were passed by the National Assembly with regards to this matter. He even spoke about the independent counsel that was appointed in order to get to the real cause behind the disaster.

He vowed to get to the bottom of the matter with the help of the special committee appointed in order to look into the catastrophes. The effect of this disaster is not only seen on politics but the entertainment and the music industry too got affected badly.

In order to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the disaster, numerous movies and songs are composed. This includes ‘ There must Be’ by Joo Hyo and Ha: TFELT, ‘Yellow Ocean’ by Cheetah and Jung Sung-Hwan, ‘Spring Day’ by K- pop band BTS.

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followed by ‘Always Remember’ by the late singer TANY, ‘River’ by Kim Yoon Ah, ‘Red Light” f(x), and ‘Still There, Still Here’ by Lucid Fall. Though the felling’s and the pain is indescribable this song keeps the memory alive and give relief at hard times.

Carelessness, irresponsible people, lack of leadership, and insufficient efforts of the staff and the higher authorities were responsible for the sinking. those who were directly involved are sentenced to prison but the real cause still remains a mystery.

 It seven years now but the family still seeks answers to their unanswered questions. As no one knows the real cause behind the sinking of the ship.  Hope in near future we will get our questions answered.

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