Drew Brees Injury Explained: Recovery Time and Return Timeline

Drew Brees Injury Explained: Former American Football player Drew Christopher Brees played for 20 seasons in the NFL (National Football League). His position was Quarterback and was a part of the offensive playing platoon. The player is 42 now and resisted some serious injuries in the match with the San Francisco 49ers in 2020.

How did Drew Brees Injury Happened?

In the year 2020 during the Regular Season, Drew Brees had a serious injury. His wife mentioned his rotator cuff in the shoulder and fascia in the foot were torn while the player was playing the matches. Later he came across another severe lung injury. After many scans and tests, it was declared that the player has 11 broken ribs. 8 ribs were broken on the left side and the rest 3 on the right side. The trauma didn’t end here, one of his broken ribs on the right side stabbed his lung and resulted in a collapsed lung. For the first time in his career history, he got registered for the Injured Reserve.

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Drew Brees Injury Explained: Recovery Time and Return Timeline

How long will the recovery period be?

Brees was hospitalized and was under the supervision of doctors and set sail for recovery. It’s difficult to heal such severe injuries shortly but it’s not impossible to recover. The player at his age needed plenty of rest and time to get back to normal as a quarterback. The player also added his ribs on the left side were already injured from his match with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and therefore in his match with San Francisco, he could not give his maximum. He cannot recover completely yet but he has revived his health and it will take a few more years to heal entirely.

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When do we expect his comeback?

After missing out in 4 games in 2020 due to Drew Brees Injury, the player later in 2021 announced that he is retiring from the sport of football. After playing 15 matches being a quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. The player also added that he will be joining NBC Sports currently. He wants to stay connected with the sport and he says he will remember all those precious moments throughout his life. He is just retiring from the sport, not from New Orleans. This is a new start. 

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