Android 12 Release Date, New Features and What to Expect??

Built on Android 11 2020’s new version is Android 12. The biggest question is ‘What is Android 12 Release Date’? Android 12 is likely to get launched later this year. Mobile operating system built on a developed version of Linux Kernel and other open-source software is known as Android. Android is primarily built for smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen devices. Recently Google announced the Android 12. Soon we can expect the version to arrive on our smartphones with the next update.

So far Google released two Android 12 versions for preview. We can expect the third in the market very soon. The preview versions are launched in order to give the customers an insight into what we can expect in the new version and what are features the customer can expect. A lot of sources are there which can give us insight into the Android 12. So here is what we can expect from the Android 12 version.

Expected Release Date Of Android 12?

The second preview version is already launched and the 1st version will get rolled out in May. Google the search giant will host its annual Google IO 2021 event in May between 18 to 20th May. Android 12 is likely to get launched in September 2021. Initially, it will be available only to the Pixel Phones ranging from Pixel 3 to Pixel 5. It will be available on other smartphones only when the company decides to launch Android 12 on smartphones.

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Android 12 Release Date, New Features and What to Expect??

What we can expect from Android 12?

One of Android 12’s features is increased efficiency in video and image compression to save data. Copy and pasting stuff will become easier. This will work better with tablets and smartphones specifically foldable phones and even TVs, this will also improve the audio features, android 12 comes with changes made to navigation and gestures, the notification menu too got redesigned and it now has the ability to block repeated notifications.

Android 12 also comes with native expanded screenshot support. This feature already rolls out in many phones. But now it will be supported by Android 12 natively. App pair feature too will be supported by Android 12. This is nothing else but an improved version of split-screen. Along with this screenshot, the makeup menu feature will also be there on Android 12. This will allow users to add emojis and annotation to the screenshot.

Android 12 comes with redesigned settings menus along with a new opaque background mode.  Which will change the color of the notification panel according to the phone theme. Lock screen media player too will some new tweaks and it will look a little different. It also comes with new security changes. users can block cameras and microphones on certain apps. It also comes with a light reduction feature, to monitor screen contrast.

It will also notify about the apps having access to the clipboard. Along with this, it will let users send Wi- fi passwords to nearby devices. All these features are in the testing stage. Soon the company will get a stable version of these features. Customers will have to wait a little longer for the Android 12 version.

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