Sony Latest Portable and Wearable Air Condition

Sony never fails to upset us with its innovation and creation of new stuff. Sony launched a wearable pocket Air condition that can be used in the pouch of a special T-Shirt.

We all know, summer gives irritation to our body especially when we are out. Having excess water or being hydrated doesn’t help your Body irritation curtail.

When Sony planned to Launch?

Sony came up with another invention of Reon Pocket 2 which is the second generation of the Wearable AC that has pooled the Sony Market in 2019. 

After Reon Pocket massive hit in the profit, encouraged them to come up with the second generation of it. And now, the new model has phone controls that can navigate or operate temperature on your Phone.

Reon Pocket is made by Thermoelectric technology which is highly created for the summer at the time of Tokyo Olympics 2020. Basically, Reon Pocket uses Thermoelectric technology that enhances coolness to your body during summer.

Features of Reon Pocket 2

  • The brand Sony has made some upgrades on the product, which can be used for doing any physical activities. Sony also mentioned that they are working on expanding the ecosystem of wearable items and simpatico accessories for the product Roen pocket 2.
  • Reon Pocket 2 is directly controlled by your smartphone to reduce or increase the temperature as you wish. Reon Pocket 2 is a lightweight device that carries 54x20x116 mm and surprisingly has connectivity to Bluetooth.
  • The size of a Reon Pocket are categorised according to the person’s size such as Small, Medium and Large, which is easily carried anywhere, that can be kept in a small bag or also can be worn on your neck. 
  • Reon Pockets espouse a Peltier element( highly used in cars as it uses less power mode). which gives you cool air as well as heat in case of the winter season. 
  • With two hours of charging, the Reon Pocket 2 can be used for an entire day. Because of a lithium-ion battery that can hold the battery for a long period. 
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Reon Pocket 2 cost 10,000 rupees after getting hyped for its previous model in 2019 that is available in Sony Centre Electronic shop.

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