Joe Biden Net Worth 2021: And Everything You Want to Know

Joe Biden finally emerged victorious after fierce and eventful Presidential Elections 2020 in the United States of America. Throughout the campaign, voters got to see the different agendas of the candidates. One thing that often missed the eyes was the Net Worth of Joe Biden. So, here is his net-worth as of year 2021.

Joe Biden Net Worth 2021
Joe Biden during his Presidential Campaign.

Mr. President’s net Worth

Once called the “poorest man in Congress”, the President has surely made some progress over the years. Many may remember him as the Middle Class Joe, but in reality he is a millionaire. Biden made his Federal Taxes record public before the start of his Presidential campaign. Due to this his source of current fortune can be traced easily.

The Forbes estimated his wealth to be approximately $9 million at present, upon going through the disclosed records. His owns two houses in Delaware worth $4 million. Cash and investments amount to $4 million. Joe Biden also received federal pension worth $1 million. He along with his wife had also donated significant amount to charity.

Joe Biden Fortune breakdown

Biden started his career as a lawyer and later found his interest in politics. Then he got elected as a senator. He was the youngest senator elected. He started with an initial salary of $42,500 a year. In 2009 Joe added $169,300 a year as his senator salary. Then again he got a raise when he served as the Vise President. During his term in office he received $225,000 every year.

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After his term, Joe earned $15 million through his speaking fees and book loyalties. Additionally he worked as professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. As a result of the above earnings the couple paid off their mortgages, and donated the rest.

Earning as President

WASHINGTON (March 3, 2021) Official portrait of President Joe Biden,

After looking through the current worth of the 46 th President. It is interesting to know how much he would add following his term in office. U.S. law mandates that a president be paid a salary while in office. Joe Biden would receive $400,000 and additional allowance of $50,000 a year. He is entitled to $100,000 for travel and $19,000 for entertainment allowance. This should be obvious given the importance of his job.

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