From Dying Light 2 to Horizon Forbidden West: 5 Game Announcement We are Waiting for in E3

E3, a trade event for the video game industry where the world’s biggest publishers and console manufacturers show the title that will be coming out later that year and beyond. The 26th edition of E3 will be held digitally amidst the pandemic. It will be witnessing companies like Xbox, Warner Bros, Games, Nintendo and Capcom present their latest games. The most awaited PlayStation 5 games is going to be announced in E3 2021; thus, it is brewing up the excitement even more.

Speculations Regarding 5 games to be released in E5

Speculations on which game could be potentially revealed in E3 2021 is all over the place. Xbox is confirmed to be showcasing New Xbox Series X games in E3 so has Nintendo and PS5. When it comes to revealing an upcoming title, no event has garnered more attention than E3 over the years.  It can be assured that the announcement of the games and trailers will be full of excitement.

Here’s a list that is likely to be released in E3 2021-

  1. Horizon Forbidden west: The Horizon Zero Dawn sequel has officially released and Aloy is well and truly back. The trailer looks absolutely gorgeous with vibrant colours and new environment to explore. Alloy will be seen underwater wearing some kind of a breathing mask which evidently suggest that there might be some underwater sections. This will be a new journey on the PS5 of the rich world created by Guerrilla games.

  1. Halo Infinite: Then only game which is by far guaranteed is Halo Infinite to be showcased in E3. It was supposed to be Xbox Series last year but it got delayed for the pandemic. Halo Infinite is an upcoming first- person shooter game developed by 343 industries. It picks up the story of Master Chief following Halo 5: guardians. Perhaps it can be one of the biggest releases of the year.
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  1. Starfield: Fans of Bethesda have been waiting for more information on their space-based RPG for a long time now and E3 would be a perfect setting to provide some details on the title. Starfield id progressing quickly and it can be showcased in E3 2021. Starfield’s announcement trailer was shown back in E3 2018 ever since Bethesda is creating more and more suspense regarding the cinematic trailer.

  1. Dying Light 2: Dying Light 2 is the survival horror action role-playing game which is next in line to be showcased in E3. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox series X and Series S. it will be a sequel of 2015 Dying Light.
  2. Battlefield 6: After a mixed reception towards Battlefield 5, EA will be looking to knock the next installment in their FPS franchise out of the park. Despite of the rumors regarding Battlefield 6 returning in a modern setting, very less is known about the shooter. It is speculated that Battlefield 6 might come out in E3 2021.

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