Facebook To Be Sued By The South Korean Users For Invading Privacy

Facebook has remained constantly in talks after it bought WhatsApp and Instagram under it. This also saw WhatsApp users switching to Telegram and Signal. Facebook is a hot topic of the time since it’s a heated argument with the Australian government.

Facebook Security Cause Of Concern. 

Several times it was blamed for invading users’ privacy and liking sensitive data of the users. Several countries have taken up certain steps but still safeguarding users’ data on social media platforms specially fakebook remains a cause of concern for all.

After Australia and Facebook’s battle now it’s South Korea and Facebook getting prepared for a silent war. South Korean users are aiming to sue the tech giant for invading user data. Here’s everything about the matter.

The matter sparked up between South Korea and Facebook when the tech giant passed on the information to other companies. Without taking consent from the users. The report came from the judicial source associated with this matter.

The local law firm Jihyang and the Jinbo Network center is taking up this matter bringing the masses together. This firm is a civic body working with a group of advocates for people’s information rights. The action will be taken mostly by the end of May this year.

Last year in November the country’s Personal Information Protection Commission stated that countries’ laws are being violated by the tech giant. Which without taking users’ consent leaked out the personal data of 3.3 million users.

Around 18 million users are using Facebook in South Korea. Out of which around 300 people’s data has been sold out to third parties from May 2012 till June 2018.

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Sold out data includes educational qualifications, career information, place of birth, relationship statuses, and information on friends. This is confirmed by the PIPC. Who is in charge of this matter?

A criminal complaint against Facebook is filed, it is also fined for $6million because of charges regarding the data breach. It also provided fake documents during an investigation which was carried out by the concerned authorities.

Around 500 million people suffered the same issue worldwide. This sparked concern over Facebook security. 533 million people’s data out of which 16 lakh Indians got leaked online soon after a hacker posted this information on digital platforms.

This data includes Facebook ID numbers, profile name, email address, location information, gender details, job data, and other sensitive details.

In a statement that came from Jihyang stated –

” The right to self-determined the usage of personal information should be strictly protected under the law as part of basic human rights, law-breaking activities a very serious problem.”

A spokesperson reacted to this matter by saying –

“This is old data that was previously reported on in 2019. We found and fixed this issue in August 2019.”

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