Top 3 Movies to Watch in this Pandemic While in Lockdown

We have a lot of movies to watch, some older and some new releases. And many of them are good enough to have a look but some of them are just amazing. In this list, we will be telling you some movies from the action genre, a love story, a movie adapted and twisted from an anime, and more. So, here are some movies that you can watch while at home.


I know you all love John Wick. With an untold underworld, long action sequences, and gothic fight scenes, it is the best mixture of everything, So, with the actor Bob Odenkirk, the actor from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. They have made another action flick in the same universe as John. The movie has been made under the direction of Ilya Naishuller. This is the story of a retired assassin who faked his death to get out of the underworld. The story tells how he gets backs into it when he had enough. Streaming on Amazon.


Adapted from the novel Investiture of the Gods, which is from the Ming dynasty and twist to give it a cyberpunk look, this is just amazing and a great work of art. The story is quite simple. The story follows a guy named Li Yunxiang, professional id delivery which he does on his motorbike. One day out of nowhere he finds out that he is the reincarnation of Nezha, a God, And he is in the opposition of a powerful clan named Dragon Clan. Now it is the duty of this young boy to avenge the god Nezha. Streaming on Netflix.

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We have all seen vampire movies. But this will be something new for you guys. From the director Travis Stevens. Do you guys remember Santa Clarita Diet’s playbook, yeah but not with zombies but with Vampires? yes, it’s horror but it’s fantastic. It’s a very unusual story and telling you guys anything will just lead to the spoiler. If you will ask me, I think the first movie to watch from this list is this movie. Streaming on Amazon.

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