Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara Might Dating Each Other

The audience is always curious about the personal life of the actors and actresses they see on big screens. They get fascinated by it and it can be a way to feel more connected to them. Similarly, Stars and actors sometimes don’t like revealing stuff related to their personal lives as they want to keep few things private but the audience somehow manages to find out or guess the above-mentioned.

Recently, Korean actor Lee Jong Suk’s name is getting paired with someone. Jong Suk is an actor and a model who was last seen in Romance Is a Bonus Book. Kwon Nara with whom he is being rumored with is a singer and actress whose stage name is Nara.

 Is Lee Jong Suk back from his Military Service?

Yes, Jong Suk began his compulsory Military training on March 8, 2019 and his service ended on 2nd January 2021. He is back from the services now and is currently working on his upcoming drama The Witch: Part 2. His fans couldn’t keep calm after hearing about the same and are eagerly waiting for his comeback in the industry. It is said that it is a huge budget project.

Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara might Dating Each Other

Kwon Nara’s upcoming projects or dramas?

As per some sources, Kwon Nara is also working on a big-budget project ‘The Immortal’ where she will be playing the character of Min Sang Woon

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Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara Dating rumors?

No confirmation has been given to the same butt a YouTuber whose name is Kim Yongho who previously revealed the relationship of Seo Ye Ji and her past relationships as well. When the news of Jong Suk and Nara dating was revealed by the above mentioned, their fans and the people got very excited to know more about the same. It can be a rumor as well but the YouTuber revealed it so it can be true. Kim Yongho during one of his videos revealed that the actor gifter Ferrari to Nara as well.

Previous Link-ups of the duo? 

In 2019, the duo was linked up and it was said that they even introduced each other to their respective friend’s group and Jong Suk Helped Nora to get her signed by his agency.


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