Users are Getting Banned from Whatsapp and the Reasons are valid: Know More

Among every social media platform out there, the most personal and most trusted platform to engage in conversation you know would be private is WhatsApp Whatsapp has been used by Billions of users and today in the golden era of technology, billions used it for big and small conversations.

There was a controversy recently which put WhatsApp in a rough spot. Whatsapp was accused of having some terms and conditions which will not let us have end-to-end encrypted messages and people were trying to uninstall the messaging app.

But Whatsapp defended itself. After all the controversy, WhatsApp still turned out to be the biggest app people use for conversations. But that does not mean they can’t ban you for violating their terms and conditions. You have signed it in the starting and they will use it against you.


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Recently. some of the users of WhatsApp said that they were automatically logged out of their Instagram. They said, they are sure they did not violate any terms and conditions of Facebook as well as WhatsApp, cause Whatsapp is owned by Facebook too. They said, and after many tries, they were unable to log in to their accounts.

Whatsapp changed people’s life and made their day-to-day conversation a lot easier. we all know, these days there are many important conversations or images or any pdf or any videos. people tend to send on WhatsApp because of its easy to send feature. Anyone can use it. And then, users getting logged out is a huge problem for them because they can lose all their data if they were not able to log in.

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One of the reasons users are getting banned from WhatsApp is, (note that either you are permanently banned or temporarily banned.) using a different version of WhatsApp. There are many mods of Whatsapp available on the internet, one of them is gbwhatsapp.

It is a mod of WhatsApp, which allows you to upload longer videos on status, it allows you to save other stories, send a longer video to people, change the color of the chat, the main space, the story tab, you can literally modify everything on gbwhatsapp. This is not available on either google play store or apple store. one of the things you should be careful about that you should only download WhatsApp from the official play store and not any third-party app or apk.

One of the other reasons is, your friend who is in your contact or anyone from your contact being engaged in suspicious activity. It is more common and if this happens you cannot get your account back irrespective of the emails you send.


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