Cyberpunk 2027 Gets a Long List of Fixes, Stability Improvement With Hotfix 1.21

Cyberpunk 2027 has always been a matter of controversy among the gaming community. The game was criticized because of many aspects. It was literally damaged. The game’s graphics had issued of their own. The game was not stable. It was like the studio gave us an unfinished game. But after Patch 1.2, the game received its first hotfix update. It fixed some of the issues with the 1.2 patches. The main issue it fixed was the stability which was going out of hand without the update.

CD Projekt Red shared the news of the update with a list of a huge number of improvements and fixes. The fixes will and should include the stability, open world, UI, gameplay, quest, issues with its performance, the game also had some problems which was related to the console we are playing the game on. like problems related to PS or X-box.


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It has already been discussed and updated on the official website of the game but we will dig a little deeper. Some gamers were complaining about the sighting missions in the quest and open-world related missions. Two of the things that were more problematic were Discount Doc and Bloody Ritual. There were also some problems with the characters in the game for e.g, the character of Takemura.

They said, during a mission, Down on the Stree. the character was supposed to be stuck at Japantown Docks but because it wasn’t, the gamers were not able to complete the mission. In between the Hippocratic Oath gig, there were some crashes within the game. The gamers were also having problems with the Japan missions. There were some bugs that were supposed to be fixed or erased.

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The gameplay has been fixed. The gamers were having some issues, they said when they commit a crime on rooftops, a cop will appear out of nowhere, That problems have been solved. There have also been some improvements in memory management. There was a mission called Belly Of The Beast/Changes mission, characters were having some problem in the middle of the game when they reached a bridge in Mikoshi, that specific problem has also been fixed.

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