Jake Paul THREATENING his SEXUAL Assault Accuser Justine Paradise with Lawsuit for Lying

TikTok star Justine Paradise recently spoke about her horrifying ordeal with YouTuber Jake Paul in a 21-minute-long YouTube video. The TikToker had revealed how Paul sexually assaulted her while visiting his Calabasas home two years ago. Paul has categorically denied the allegation, which accuses him of sexually assaulting Paradise at his Team 10 California residence.

Paradise first met with Paul through her friends and then exchanged numbers. She initially felt awkward while interacting with the 24-year-old boxer. But later, they bonded and used to hang out at his residence multiple times. One such meeting was on July 20, 2019, when the TikTok sensation became the victim of sexual assault. Paradise mentioned that they started kissing, but it was consensual at the beginning.

Paul later took Paradise to his room, where he began dancing with her and continued kissing. Both were consensual at the moment and Paradise felt cute. Jake Paul then tried to have sexual intercourse but Paradise constantly denied it. At one moment, Paul got up from his bed and forced her to perform oral sex. Paradise was still uncomfortable and kept saying no to him several times.

Jake Paul will be taking Legal Actions against Justine Paradise

The duo then broke their friendship and cut off communication from that night. Paradise also mentioned that she wanted to come forward early, however, she had signed a non-disclosure agreement while entering his house. She mentioned that she was terrified to share the horrible experience, but decided anyway to save someone else who had gone through a similar ordeal.

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Jake Paul, on the other hand, has strongly denied the accusations and would be disproving the allegations very soon. He also threatened that he will file a defamation lawsuit against the TikToker for attacking his character. The 25-year-old boxer also posted a statement on his official Instagram handle and revealed that he would be taking legal actions against Paradise.

He mentioned that the allegation is 100% false and he was in a relationship at that time. Paul instead slammed Paradise for using the attention to promote her adult website and grow her affiliate marketing. He is going to fight till the end to prove his innocence and mentioned that this isn’t the first time that he had received such an allegation against him.

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