Is Logan Paul DEFENDING Jake Paul’s SEXUAL Assault Allegation from Justine Paradise

A popular TikToker Justine Paradise has revealed that she has been the victim of sexual assault at the hands of another popular YouTuber, Jake Paul. Paradise accused that the 24-year-old sexually assaulted her while spending time at his Calabasas house in July 2019. Paul has now denied the allegations through his attorney and would be taking legal action against Paradise for defaming his character.

Justine Paradise posted a 21-minute-long video on her official YouTube channel, where she shared the details about sexual assault. In the video’s title, the TikToker clearly mentioned that Jake Paul sexually assaulted her. Paradise recalled her harrowing experience with the YouTuber star and told her subscribers how they met in the first place. She mentioned that the two met through Paradise’s mutual friend.

After a couple of meetings, she started hanging out at Paul’s house several times. She told that the ordeal occurred on July 20, 2019, during a small gathering. At first, the duo consensually kissed each other in the evening. Later, Paul took the TikToker to his room and they continued kissing while dancing. During the dancing and kissing, Paul tried to become more physical, but Paradise pushed him away.

When Paradise tried to push away, Paul responded to her by claiming that there is no point if there’s nothing going to happen. Paradise also alleged that Paul then forced her to perform oral sex. Paul never asked Paradise for her consent and tried to force things up. The YouTuber then shoved himself into her, but the TikToker couldn’t say anything to him, neither she could stop him.

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Logan Paul defends his brother!

The Paul brothers have always been on the internet and feature themselves in various controversial topics. Logan Paul has defended his brother in the allegations put by TikToker Justine Paradise. He believes that his brother didn’t do any of them and disapproves of the allegations made by the TikTok star. Also, Jake Paul has also told his attorney to strongly deny the accusations.

Daniel E. Gardenswartz, Paul’s attorney issued a statement denying Paul’s involvement and they will be aggressively disproving the fake allegations. Also, Paul will be taking legal actions against the TikToker for her alleged false accusations, as she has directly defamed the boxer’s character.

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