Better Call Saul Season 6: Major Character Death Hinted for the Final Season

The popular AMC thriller, Better Call Saul wasn’t that much popular when it started airing in 2015. However, over the years, the show has brilliantly found the proper recognition and balances the bar set by its predecessor. The network has already aired five amazing seasons and has renewed the show for the sixth one. Better Call Saul is currently in production and will be airing on the network soon.

The show centers around one of the popular characters from AMC’s blockbuster thriller, Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul shows Saul Goodman’s thrilling life prior to meeting Walter White and Jessie Pinkman and becoming their lawyer in Breaking Bad. The show brilliantly tells the transformation of the con artist Jimmy McGill, becoming a lawyer for hire, Saul Goodman.

While trying to achieve his dream of being a respectable lawyer, he finds himself in the turmoil of the drug trade run by the Salamanca family. The show also includes multiple prominet chracters from Breaking Bad including Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut. The show creator, Peter Gould told that the final season will be big and several characters will not make out alive.

Who will die in the upcoming season of Better Call Saul?

Breaking Bad fans know that few characters are safe, since they have already watched them in Breaking Bad. Saul, Mike, and Gus Fring and certainly going to stay safe in the upcoming eventful season, but there are plenty of characters ready to take their last breath in the series. Lalo survived the assassination in the previous season, and surely he won’t stay quiet in the coming season.

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In the previous season, Nacho meets Don Eladio with Lalo to talk about the new Salamanca drug business. Gus Fring on the other hand had sent assassins to kill Lalo and the others. Nacho opens the gate allowing the assassins to kill Lalo and his associates. However, Lalo manages to survive and asks one of the assassins to report that Lalo is dead. Now, Gus Fring, Mike, and Saul have believed that Lalo is dead.

Lalo will eventually come in full force to avenge his assassination. Nacho Varga will surely die, as he was the one who ran away from survived Lalo. There are strong reports and fan theory claiming Kim Wexler will also die since she is a close associate to Saul. In the crossfire, Lalo will also probably die in the upcoming season.

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