Attack On Titan Chapter 139: Did Eren Kill His Mother, Ending Explained and Read Online

Fans are heartbroken following the announcement claiming that the best-selling manga has concluded following a decade-long run. This week, the mangaka, Hajime Isayama will officially stop illustrating and writing the new chapters. The final chapter of the whole manga and the fifth and final chapter of the 34th volume released on April 9, 2021. Attack on Titan’s final chapter concluding the story with an emotional ending.

The final chapter, indeed, gave closure to several loose ends and showcased the fate of several characters. However, the ardent fans believe that the chapter has further left with a lot of questions. The final chapter, Toward the Tree on That Hill, has enthralled millions of readers around the world. Attack on Titan ended with the death of a popular and leading character, Eren Yeager, who had become an anti-hero or villain towards the end of the series.

Did Eren Kill His Mother?

Eren died in the previous chapter after Mikasa entered the Titan’s mouth and decapitated his head. Mikasa bid an emotional farewell with her childhood best friend after killing him. Their other best friend, Armin regains his lost memories about the dead best friend. He later takes the responsibility of killing Eren in front of the Marley troops. However, this wasn’t discussed much in comparison to the fact that Eren killed his mother.

In the previous episode, fans had multiple theories claiming that Eren killed his mother, but none of them looked believable. However, in the final chapter, the mangaka didn’t forget to clear fans’ confusion. When Armin had his last conversation with his childhood best friend, we came to know the facts about Eren’s mother. Eren, in fact, killed his mother so that the world can enjoy a better future.

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Eren reportedly manipulated Dina Yeager’s smiling titan and killed his mother so that he can save Bertholdt’s life. He realized that there was no other option to turn the war’s conclusion if he hadn’t killed his mother. There is a time skip in the final chapter, and the world is enjoying peace with Titans gone. After the time skip, Mikasa visits the tree where Eren’s head was buried and wishes to see him again.

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